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Product Descriptions to Increase Your Teachers Pay Teachers Sales

NOTE: Please watch the video for a visual of exactly how to follow these steps.

If you’ve been uploading products on Teachers Pay Teachers but not getting enough sales, chances are your product descriptions are the main culprit. The most important factors in generating sales for a product are the pictures, previews, and thumbnails, however, the real secret in making sales on Teachers Pay Teachers actually lies in your product description.

The product description is one of the most important aspects and holds incredible power when it comes to conversion. Customers look for the perfect product that fits their needs and are more likely to buy it if the product description shows the true value of the product. If your product description is not convincing enough and tells them where exactly they are investing their money, they are not going to buy it. You can use thumbnails to get buyers look at your product but the product description is what actually converts those looks into sales.

An effective product description mirrors the desires, thoughts, and needs of the target audience and states the value and advantages of the product. Writing a good product description can be mind-numbing for a lot of people, but you don’t need to worry as there is a special formula to write product descriptions to improve sales.

In this article, I’ll be sharing that secret formula with you all and show how you should be writing product descriptions to start generating sales on Teachers Pay Teachers. Let’s begin!

Visually Easy on the Eyes

An effective product description must be detailed, easy to read, and enticing as it is what truly sell your product to the customer. Break it down into different sections, and use capital letters for the titles and bold them to make each section stand out. Begin your product description by putting yourself into your buyer’s shoes, describe the problem they are having, provide a detailed summary of your product and how it is going to solve that problem. Use relevant keywords in the first section of the description to improve SEO and get ranked on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Don’t make the mistake of muddling your product description into one giant paragraph because buyers will not bother to read it and move on to the next product immediately. On the contrary, product description that’s too small and doesn’t provide adequate product details, customers will pass on the product.

Create An Itemized List

The second part of the formula is making an itemized list of what your product includes. Tell your buyer about the product they are buying, who is it for, and what lessons it covers. Make sure to use all caps for the titles and use bold to make them easier to read.

Add Key Features

The third part of the formula is adding key features of the product. Use this section to differentiate yourself from other sellers. Tell your buyers about product specifications, its benefits, what makes it different and what value you’re offering to them. You can brag all about your product such as why your product is worth buying over other similar products.

Make sure you don’t miss a key piece of information as it can lead to the misunderstanding and a bad user experience.

Linking to Other Resources

The next part of the formula is linking to other resources from your own Store. Links help in building up the page authority and improve its SEO value which is why it’s a great idea to crosslink your products within your description to boost your store’s overall sales. Always link to the items that you think your buyers might also be interested in purchasing. For linking resources, it is really important to have cohesion between them. If your store is full of mismatched resources, it will not only look unprofessional but also lead to low revenue.

Establish Connections with Your Buyers

The last part of the formula is to give your buyer a way to connect with you and follow your store. Your buyers drive your business which is why it is important to stay connected with them and build a reliable and lasting relationship.

If you have an email list, YouTube channel, or any other social media, let them know how to link to it so they’ll get notified every time you post a new product. If you don’t have any social media presence, it’s perfectly fine, just put your store’s follow the link so at least they can start following your store. To find you follow the link by going into your dashboard and click on the share follow the link at the top.

To conclude, if you want a product description that boosts sales by increasing conversions, this is the formula you should follow. First, describe the problem that they’re having and how your product is going to help them. Second, include an itemized list of what your product includes. Third, tell your buyer the key features of your resource. Fourth link to other resources in your store and the fifth, give your buyer how to connect with you and a way to follow your store.

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