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How To Set and Track Your TPT Goals

How to Set and Track Your Teacher Pay Teachers Goals

In order to enhance your chances of being successful on Teacher Pay Teachers, it’s critical to set goals for professional improvement and keeping track of them. For a lot of people, it’s not a very tangible thought but if you are serious about growing your store you have to keep track of pretty much every single thing. Goal tracking makes you regularly check in with yourself to build an accountability system and keep yourself in line.

The best way to keep track of your TPT goals is through a Google worksheet as it will help you stay laser focus on what your goals are and what you want to achieve. The goal sheet tracker will really help you keep the big picture in mind and you’ll be able to see every little progress that you might not notice otherwise.

Today I’ll give you a sneak peek into my Teacher Pay Teachers Google sheet tracker that has helped me a lot in growing my store. I’ll show you how I manage to broke down my goals into more manageable chunks plus how I’ve been keeping track of all of it. I hope it will inspire you to set your own goals for your TPT store and help you keep track of your progress. Let’s get started!

Steps to Grow on TPT

The first tab on my goal sheet tracker consists of “Steps to Grow” in the same order I’ve been doing them. This helped me a lot to see the growth that I’ve had from where I started to where I’m now. Here are the things I’ve done so far:

1. I opened a TPT store,

2. Launched 40 products

3. Created Pinterest pins for all the products

4. Created 1 product Line

5. Give away one part of the product line

6. Create an email list by putting freebies in the email list to make people sign up for it.

7. Create my first bundle (This is where most of the money comes from)

8. Started to put the link of my email list in all my product descriptions to gain as many followers as possible

9. Lastly, I started to become consistent with one social media source to strengthen my store, build brand consistency and get more followers.

Monthly Tracker

The next tab on my worksheet is “Monthly Tracker” which consists of my expenses and income report. I track my TPT payout, which is the actual amount of money I’m earning from TPT. Other things I’m tracking are my Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, Live TPT products. I track my TPT expenses as well to see how much I’m making and spending to make an annual expense summary report.

Yearly Goals

My next tab is the” Yearly Goals” which helps me set my goals and then break them down into smaller achievable chunks. I first make a list of the goals for the year and then broke them down into quarters. As you can see, I’ve two versions of goals, one is my regular TPT money goals and the second is Stretch goals, which makes it pretty easy to break them down into 12-months to meet your annual goal and your stretch goal.

Project Schedule

The next tab is my “Project Schedule” which is basically a weekly planner of what I plan to do to keep up with my content calendar. It helps me get things done on time and keep track of all my responsibilities, focus on important tasks, and increase my productivity.

My Links

This tab contains my easy access links for email marketing. As a TPT seller, sometimes I need to link buyers to certain pages such as landing pages or freebies which is why I need all my links organized and easily accessible in one palace. My links tab provides easy access to all the important links I need regularly.

Content Calendar

The content calendar tab helps me map out all my activities across Teacher Pay Teacher by keeping a record of what has been accomplished and what’s needs to be done. Moreover, it defines my content themes, and posting cadences to match my audience and objective, and helps me moving forward in the right direction.

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