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How Much I Made After 6 Months On TPT

Like many educators, I’ve recently ventured into the world of Teacher Pay Teachers as a seller. As a tech teacher, I always had a passion for creating new resources for my students that aren’t available anywhere else. But most of my stunning creations were only used in the classroom or shared with some of my teammates. Teacher Pay Teachers provide me a platform to share my resources with teachers all around the world while getting paid for them.

Selling on Teacher Pay Teachers was one of the best decisions of my life as it helped me become a better teacher, planner, and earn some side money. It’s truly humbling when teachers spend their hard-earned money buying one of my resources. In this article, I’ll talk about my Teacher Pay Teachers store, income, and my experience so far. Let’s get started!

How I Started Selling on TPT?

I originally started my TPT store in February of 2016 but didn’t upload my first product until about July of 2018. Initially, I thought that I created the account as a seller accidentally because I didn’t post anything for the first two years and when I finally posted something, it was just stuff that I had created for my classroom without giving it much thought. Over the months I’ve mostly posted digital products on my store. The breakthrough came when the pandemic hit and the whole teaching-learning process was shifted online on an unprecedented scale.

As a tech teacher, I always tried to include technology in my classroom as much as possible so, it wasn’t a huge transition for me. I had a lot of my teaching resources already digitized but the thing I realized was there was a huge number of teachers out there who did not have the same experience and were struggling with creating content suitable for remote learning.

As an educator, I know how hard teachers work so to help them out I started to sell all my digital resources on TPT for a really low price. Knowing that my products might be helping a teacher with some of the struggles, I felt great. My intention was to help the teachers out there and I never thought of it as a proper business to make money. My perspective started to change in July, which is the start of the new school year when we were told to get the digital resources ready for distance learning due to the pandemic. That was the time when my perspective started to change as I was able to see the earning potential in my TPT store.

My TPT Store Income Report

As you can see in the stats, my income was pretty much $0 from 2016 to 2017, then in 2018, I earned $7, which I thought not bad at all at that time. Then I kept going and in May 2019 I started to see a little bit of a blip and made $63. The pandemic hit right around March, and you can see an increase in my sales and more consistent payouts from March onwards.

In July I made around $77, and in August my stars stated to get aligned in Teacher Pay Teachers and my earning crossed $100 mark. I earned $265, which was huge for me and I was like this is legit and I’m going to take it seriously. Then in September, my earnings further went up to $451.

October was a bit low and earnings went down a little bit to $320. Then came November, my biggest month with record earnings of $1,232. In the span of 4-5 months, I went from $77 to $1,200.

This was my 6th month in business. I had no clue what I was doing, so if I can do it, you can too!

Since I’ve experienced this growth in the last six months, I don’t have enough data to know if this is going to continue or if it was just a fluke. However, I’m being consistent with my Teacher Pay Teachers store and hopeful that it will continue to grow.

While this extra income has been amazing, I’m also starting to get nervous about the fact that things are going to slow down eventually since we all are going to go back to the traditional classroom teaching routine and all my products are digital. However, I also believe that the COVID-19 pandemic has entirely transformed the teaching and learning process, and even if we go back to the traditional classroom, teachers are still going to be incorporating these digital resources in the classroom. That’s why I’m going to take my TPT store as a full-time business not just as a hobby and recommend you to do the same.

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